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SWK's 2005 Top KotOR Mods

| Player Picks -[KotOR]- | Player Picks -[TSL]- | Staff Picks -[TSL]- |

2005's Top KotOR Mods

  • Carth Romance Fix
    by cjt0202

    This mod finally fixes the Beach scene after going through Carth's romance. Here is how the Author describes the mod: "The first time I played through the Carth romance, I was a little disappointed in how the scene on the beach after the temple on the Unknown World played out. But I shrugged it off as "Oh well, that's just the way it is." Until I found out that the male PC gets to kiss Bastila (and that depending on how you navigate the dialogue, she can insist upon it!). Now that's just not right! Bastila gets to demand to be kissed, and all I get is a suggestive whisper about "when all this is over"? And then the more I looked at this scene, the more annoying it was -- Carth's telling the woman he loves her from about 10 feet away, and they're not even making eye contact when Mission chimes in with "Sheesh, get a room, will ya?" much less doing anything that actually warrants that remark. So I put on my director's hat -- "OK, on this line I want you to move here, and at this point, I want that camera..." -- and this is the end result."

  • Quest for tk102's Birthday
    by Darth333 & al. (includes svösh's hv88 blasters, Seprithro's blaster model and t7nowhere's saber models + birthday cake)

    This humorous mod adds a side quest to the game in which you have to find some items required for the preparation of tk102's birthday. The quest spans over three planets and includes new areas and many enemies (for high lvl characters only!)

  • Chained Force Lightning
    by tk102

    Have you ever thought Force Lightning and Force Storm were just a little too much alike? This mod makes Force Lightning behave significantly different. The lightning now chains from one enemy to another with diminishing power in each arc. It's most effective on groups of 3 or more enemies where you can get a "closed-circuit", causing multiple zaps.

  • 2 Altered Endings
    by kristykistic

    If you ever wanted to turn Malak from the dark side - or convert Carth to the dark side - then here's your chance.

  • Ryyk Blade
    by Achilles

    This mod adds a new melee model sword that replaces the "Ryyk Blade". With Wookie origins and the design to match, this weapon is a welcomed addition to you or your Party's inventory.

  • Ebon Hawk's Workbench to a Construction Bench
    by RedHawke

    In short, this mod alters the Ebon Hawk's workbench to be able to build brand new items and some of the normal game items, now when you click on the Ebon Hawk's workbench it becomes a super handy TSL-esque Construction Bench. Depending on your skills, level, wealth, you can now build weapons, robes, armor, etc. at the Ebon Hawk Workbench.

  • [MECK] Enter Jabbas Palace
    by Xavier2 & al.

    This mod made for OT lovers, adds new models, skins and a new side quest for KOTOR with two new areas. It takes place in Tatooine and blends with the normal game allowing you to choose if you will lean towards the light or dark side. In order to enable the quest you will have to land on Tatooine for the first time, look for a pair of X-Wing pilots in Tatooine docking bay and talk to them.

  • Republic Commando: Delta Squad
    by Prime

    This mod includes new armour and helmets the are based on the four members of Delta Squad from the game Republic Commando.

  • Kain Sword for The Real Kain
    by Oldflash

    This mod adds a cool new vibrosword model to the game. Ideal for darkside players, the sword can be acquired on Taris during normal gameplay.

  • Kamino Eugenics Chamber
    by RedHawke

    As explained by the author, "this mod, creates a Kolto Tank in the Ebon Hawk's Cargo Bay, called a Kamino Eugenics Chamber, that you can use to upgrade yourself like you do HK-47, only I "kicked it up a notch", this is definately meant for use with Talchia's Hardcore Mod, especially levels 3-5"... (highstakes pazaak or similar is recommened too). You can downgrade/upgrade your current power level at your whim, your credit balance withstanding... but don't expect any refunds.

  • Segan Wyndh's Sabers
    by ChAiNz.2da

    Never quite willing to 'conform' to the Jedi's traditionalist ways, Segan Wyndh, a gifted engineer, was always looking to improve upon the Jedi's antiquated "tools". Though his armor was a marvel in design, he prided himself with his lightsaber technology. Unique in construction & functionality, this lightsaber utilizes a crystal 'cartridge' system. Harnessing the beams of both natural and a special man-made fusing crystal, Segan was able to produce a beam with powerful effects.

  • Revan's Mask+
    by T7nowhere.

    This mod allows you to reclaim your true identity. It adds a new mask stylized from Revan's. Also included in the mod is an edited Robe model (with fixed force powers) from the ingame cut scenes with revan which replaces The Star Forge Robes (for the PC only) as well as a new lightsaber. All the items are well inserted in the storyline and a surprise awaits you on Korriban after the Leviathan.


  • Mekel Recruitment Mod
    by Tanesh

    With this mod, you can replace Zaalbar with the Sith-student Mekel on Korriban. You can now recruit Mekel is in the Tomb of Tulak Hord if and when you want. The mod comes with new dialogue, journal entires and banter as well as new items (three quite powerful lightsabers and a robe; it depends on your behavior how much items you will get from Mekel). Also available in German.
    If you are looking for a recruit mod, start with this one!


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