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critic's two cents running late
Posted By machievelli - 01/20/15
Two weeks ago when I tried to post, I got an error saying the site was down, then got hung up, because I had sold a story to the Grantville Gazette, and spent the last two weeks trying to finish a second when I should have been doing this. For that I am sorry.

So here they are.

I've had so many irons in the fire this last month, that I'm surprised I didn't go down from heat prostration. One story sold, another in consideration. How's that for the last quarter of my year?

So let's get started with this late posting!

TheLightIsMine gave us two, and as the author already has a combined work best, can't have another Best this week, sorry. Though Don't You Wanna Stay? and Speculations are worth a look. Following them is Salem Anderson with The Reason and finally The Raider with Just Breathe

Back to work!

and today:

Running over a week late, and I only have my own real life to blame. First, back in November, I wrote a story in the 1632 Universe, and it sold. In fact I was stunned by how fast it did sell. And I really need the money near the first of the year to keep body soul, and roof together at that time. So I have been working on other stories for that same venue, but so far, no joy.

However what that means, is I have been slacking on these reviews. In fact for the last year, I have been expecting someone to complain. So if you do, I will merely bow my head and take it like a man. So finally, let's get to the reviews.

What's a Title?
So Done I Cannot Even

Best of the Week
Shades of Gray
Nicollette Knight

Back to it.
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The Critic Returns runing late
Posted By machievelli - 12/21/14
So, coming up on Christmas. For me it's just another day, though shifting our schedule so we're off was a nice touch. Working on Synchronicity II for the Grantville Gazette. hope it sells.

Some good stuff for you this week, so drum roll please!

While no one got the nod for a best this week, we do have Shadows Of The Storm's Forgive Me
starting off, with Wakkomonkey9258's Pretty next, and finally
Fluidfyre withAbsence

So have a nice holiday, and I'll be back! Signing off...
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The Critic Returns runing late
Posted By machievelli - 12/16/14
Running late, but it's done! Found out if you tried to see the final cut of my story on Baen's Bar, you needed to be a member, so sorry about that. But you can look at Synchronicity there in the 1632 slush. So on with the reviews!

We start off with Shadows Of The Storm again in the spotlight with Memories of Shadow then Azure Fields with the cute Who Am I?

The Revan redeeming a promise with AprilRyanMyFriend's Iridescent

Working on Synchronicity II! Signing off...
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The Critic Returns runing late
Posted By machievelli - 12/07/14
Last week when I should have been working on my column, I was busy editing and polishing the story I just sold to the Grantville Gazette online magazine.

What was stunning was that I had mentioned working on it just a couple of weeks before this column was to post, and it went from first posting (Where all of the readers and authors get to look at what you offered) to acceptance in less than a week, which from what I have been told, is like a rookie Driver who races at Indy and walks away the winner.

So I owed you a double. But I'm still jazzed about the sale. It is the first professional vindication that yeah, I can write, and have people who do it for a living praising me.

My eye is almost completely healed, and hopefully it will not recur, though both of my doctor and myself worry about it. We'll know soon enough.

So let's check out the good stuff!

We start off with LadyArin'sAn Answer to an Unasked Question followed by Synedoche with Peripeteia, then Heroes Die withVerdict and Logos Minus Pity with Memoirs DreamALittleBitBiggerDarling's first time at bat scores with Birthday Gift and one of four by Ephemerale also hit with Screwed and finally
Code name Anrui Yuy rounds it out with What of Dreams

But Best was a tie; Msficwriter with FORMLESS: Chapter 3 Interlude: The Dragon Speaksand Nyghtraven withDangerous Games

So as I am still jazzed, I'm mentally working on two more offerings to the Gazette. Which should I do first, the follow on to Synchronicity? Or a missionary teaching the Indians about guerrilla warfare I think I will name Redemption?

Decisions, decisions...
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The Critic Returns
Posted By machievelli - 11/23/14
Well the path to posting on SWK was back up this last time, so I am posting as normal again. As I mentioned last week, I was working on a story for the 1632 universe. For those who have never read it, or have and have not yet checked out the site, Baenbooks has a website for hopeful authors in the series called 1632 Slush. It's posted there under my screen name of Machievelli, and while you have to become a member (Free), that effort to my mind is worth it. Some of the stories you see there will eventually find their way into the E-zine or into print. and if you like the story, you can always post your comments on the companion forum where comments are posted.

I posted when I did because I tend to nitpick my own work a lot worse than I have ever done for those of you I have reviewed. I have one story that was actually published after tweaking for almost two decades. Though if you ever have a book you want to sel, never, never, never go through Publishamerica to do it. That way lies roast skunk and madness.

But enough about me.

This week we have three picks, and since they are all good, I couldn't decide. They are beccHaDOUKE's Over Moondoe's Sleep Deprived
and 4th of Eleven's Secondhand

Well, reading comments, and finding new people to fill in for my characters. Signing off...
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The Critic Returns: Try three for the price of one!
Posted By machievelli - 11/16/14
This posting will have three weeks worth of reviews. This is because I had been unable to post previously. So...

3 November 2014

Running later than usual. Doctor's appointment tomorrow. My vision is coming back in my right eye, but both my doctor and I know I've lost some of it. Wish me luck. Now on to the reviews!

Most of this week was taken up by the ones who got body of work picks last week. But the last Lethe2 with Sacrifice Got the nod this week.

Well back to worrying. Signing off...

10 November 2014

Last week I was running way late as you all know, and to add insult to injury, the pathway to posting on Star Wars Knights is down, now for a full week, so I am going to add this to the Coruscant Entertainment column. Hopefully one of the admins from SWK will read it.

Another doctor's appointment. I found out there is a drug company doing a study on the very condition I have, but the closest clinic is no longer part of the test. It figures. But enough about me, On to the reviews!

Shadows Of The Storm leads off with Destiny of Shadow

And this week we have a tie for best. Moonwolf898 gives us a poignant farewell on the Star Forge, What Iffollowed Reliquary's AU end to the was with Splinters

Working on a 1632 story. How about a band in 1636 being named Fleetwood Mac because of an error? Signing off...

16 November 2014

A lot of fun with my eye; last Tuesday the doctor put in a graft over my lens to avoid further damage. So yesterday I was putting in an eye drop, I thought, 'I'll be damned! I can see the bottle clearly- oh crap!' as the drop hit my eyeball. Vision has improved remarkably. So By this time next week I should be healed. Now just keep from having it happen again.

So drum roll please!

We start with FrictionX42's How I became an Imperial Agent followed by XXWintersDescent's Oh Frag, Not Again!

But Best of the Week went to Vyrazhi and DEAR MASTER LUCAS IV: NO NEW HOPE

Signing off...
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The Critic Returns runing late
Posted By machievelli - 10/27/14
Medical problems still. I think I am clinically blind in my right eye. Unless the doctors can find out what is causing it, I fear for my left eye. But as long as I can see the screen, the reviews will continue!

This week we only had two people get a pick, but their body of combined works are listed because they are both extremely good. So to start off, instead of going over them all so far, go to their home pages at

Douglas Fett


Well, back to writing. Signing off...
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The Critic Returns runing late
Posted By machievelli - 10/20/14
Been having one of those weeks. Thanks to the way I deal with medical problems (You have a problem with a cough, talk to an EENT, you have a problem with you're eyes, you go to an Ophthalmologist) I don't have a primary care doctor. So with this recurring eye infection I now have to choose one. Hopefully I can have someone at the med center sign me up this upcoming week.

But enough about this old man, on to the reviews!

We start off with the well written work of Writtenrhythm with
One More Time
Then Rosabell with When the Sky Falls

But best was a tie, the hilarious work of Roc Lammergeier and Potatoe Girl starting with The Random Ramblings of Revan and Elina Trevisan's Savior

Well back to writing. Signing off...
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The Critic Returns runing late
Posted By machievelli - 10/11/14
Sorry I had you wait, and I hope this was worth it. Finished it, and it's a 14 page monster! My eye is much better, thank you very much, though I still need reading glasses to see the screen. But let's stop talking about me, on to the reviews!

We start at Coruscant Entertainment Center where Msficwriter gave us FORMLESS: Chapter 1: An Eightfold Fortune

Then over to where we begin with MarshMella andThere is No Death followed by Rosabell with Dark Guardian
then Tara Seline withPredator of Manand Kebiin with 3,956 BBY then Kosiah with Gifts Nyghtraven returns with Fallen Embers xMadGodx gives us Revanchi ending with
AdylinJ and Healing the Force

Best of the Week was split between Outre with Cost Of Family
and Vyrazhi who I know as Msficwriter above with her combined pick for DEAR MASTER LUCAS DEAR MASTER LUCAS II and DEAR MASTER LUCAS III: REVENGE OF THE SITH

Well back to writing. See you next week. Signing off...
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The Critic Returns
Posted By machievelli - 09/28/14
Having problems with an eye infection again. Will see the ophthalmologist on Tuesday, and not the first one, who took over two months to decide to call in a specialist either! So if there are misspellings above, forgive me.

But on to the reviews!

No bests this week, but all of them are worth reading. We start off with Greengrass1914 and Those Who Trespass Against Us followed by Lliskio with Dead Man's Memories and LocketStar14126 with Legacy of Dustil then MarshMella with His Place and last but definitely not least, Sonny23 with Force Unleashed: Nomi Marek

Well back to other stories. Signing off...
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The Critic Returns
Posted By machievelli - 09/22/14
Well I'm off to the ophthalmologist again. I don't know if it's an infection or maybe glaucoma, which does afflict the elderly. And while 61 doesn't sound old these days, I never expected to live beyond 30.

So let's see what I have for you this week.

We start with TwixtNightAndMorn's Absolution

And best of the week to Gwendolyn Rogan for Savior

Well back to work. Did you know having an eye infection interferes with writing? Signing off...
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