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The Critic returns a little bit late
Posted By machievelli - 07/29/14
For those who didn't notice, I am now 61 as of the 25th. Running late again, as if that is a big surprise. I have so many irons in the fire, I can't even see the fire any more. One of those is my problem neighbor I call Mumbles. I know it's insulting, but she talks like the character Mumbles from the old Dick Tracy movie. If you don't understand what I mean, Google Mumbles dick Tracy. And if you show her any courtesy she is like a lamprey latching onto you because now she believes you like her.

Working on count them, seven different stories simultaneously, and the newest, the Batman-Joker one has pulled into the lead because my coauthor and I fall into the roles so well. Having him do Penguin over the phone was a hoot! He does the supercilious voice so well...

But on to the reviews!

We start the week with Atton losing to the one member of the party he hates the most in Dessmond Williams' Calculating Odds and a pair of Exiles in Shadows Of The Storm's Choices for the Right Reasons

But best of the week is a series of one shots about relationships from Prisoner 24601 with Trial by Fire

So much time, so little to do. Wait a minute...
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The Critic returns
Posted By machievelli - 07/21/14
Been having one of those weeks. Began a new Batman-Joker bit about two weeks ago, and the juices are flowing. When Harley notices Joker's pacing as he thinks, think of a soon to be 61 year old man (Yeah, your critic before the weekend) with ideas fizzing like an Alka-Seltzer, and trying to walk and chew gum at the same time. But the chewing gum part, that is doing this review is fine; as long as I don't actually have to do it...

But on to the reviews!

We start with Elriel Xillow-Onasi who scores twice, one with Parallel Bars followed by KyaniteD with Heart of the Guardian then Renee Enderson with Double Whammy and Avatar 101's Kotor Changed ending with TheJediSentinel's wedding build up in The Runup

But best went to a tie of all people Canderous as a lovelorn columnist in Elriel Xillow-Onasi's Canderous Cares and Flooj9235 with The Morning After

So back to Joker and Harley! Signing off...
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The Critic returns; hey wait, I'm Early?
Posted By machievelli - 07/12/14
Spend a lot of time with an old friend, though thanks to work as part of it, not as much as I liked. The biggest problem with living in the World's largest petting zoo is you don't see a lot of it or it's 'been there, and done that'. But walking the Freemont Experience for the first time in about six years, I stil think it's a fun place sometimes.

Been burning the candle at both ends to finish my column too, but here it is!

We start with Simonsaysfunction Jedi Don't Brood followed by LadyArin with Guardian Angel

But best was Mike Canary with Another Story

Working on a Batman-Joker fan fic. Take a wild guess who gets to be Joker? Signing off...
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The Critic returns a week late
Posted By machievelli - 07/07/14
Murphy's law has struck again. Two weeks ago it was a new computer and getting everything put on it 'just right'. Now a friend I haven't seen in five years will be in town starting Thursday, and will be here during my 'write your damn column' time. So I maybe doing this again week after next!

So before I get even further behind...

We start off with TheJediSentinel scoring twice with Meet the Parent and Living the Code followed by Mister Buch and Vibroblades and Mirrors Then Cavalyn gives us The Last Crusade and
Prisoner 24601 with Contingency Plans finishing with A Pleasant Reader's Harmony

But Best of the Week went to Shadows Of The Storm for What's In A Name

Well I'll hoist a pint in friendship, and see you next week!
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The Critic Returns
Posted By machievelli - 06/23/14
Running late because my co-author over at Fanfiction suggested writing a Batman/Joker fan fic, and my mind has been working on scenes, a lot of them comedic featuring Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman. Honestly, picture Harley as the head of HR working for the Joker. When she fires someone, she does it with a gun...

But enough about me. On to the reviews!

We start with Candle in the Night's KOTOR: Return From Darkness followed by Neroarm with Knights of the Old Republic: Return of Revan then Wyl with The Demon Moon

But best went to Matthew Summers for Knight

Well, back to the stories!
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The Critic Returns
Posted By machievelli - 06/16/14
My eye problems are starting to clear up. It seems I had too much internal pressure in the right eye, and the eye drops meant to reduce the infection was increasing the pressure, causing more problems. But after almost a week the pressure is back to normal, and the infection is reduced as well. Hopefully by this time next week it will have cleared up completely.

Lord Grise and I are a bit hung up because one section coming up is just not flowing. He's back up and running as of today, so no worries. But for those of you following our work over at fan fiction, we'll get it done.

But enough about RL. On with the reviews!

We start with Kyria Nyriese and Revan followed by CalliopeCalling's The Queen's Advisor
flooj9235 is back again with Oops Huoriel with the only story that I have favorited in years with The Failure of a Jediand Replica Velocity a.k.a. X5 714 with It's a Terrible Thing To Fall

But the Best this week went to FireflyEmbers for Star Wars: Tales of the Vigilant

Well thanks to our best, I have a short 'will it be continued?' fic to write. Signing off...
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The Critic Returns way late
Posted By machievelli - 06/09/14
Problems plagued me this last week. Three of the reviews I had to write were for people who didn't break their work into bite sized chunks. Try one at around 10,000 words, another with over 20,000, and the last at over 43,000. That last one is just a few thousand short of novel length! Then my eye infection has not gone away completely, and I will be seeing a specialist tomorrow morning for that. Then the network card in my co-author over at fanfiction bit the big one, and no word yet on how quickly he will be up and running.

But as they used to say on the old Mighty Mouse Cartoons, I saw my duty, and I do-ed it!

Pickings were scarce this week. We have two picks, but neither was what I would call best. We start with Wakkomonkey9258's Crushed and Pained and end with Revan's proposal to Bastila in the midst of a really bad day with Untitledmind's Just One of Those Days

With Craig's computer down I can fill in with some scenes I liked writing and hope we can network again real soon.

Signing off...
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The Critic Returns
Posted By machievelli - 06/03/14
Decided to go for my shorter works first on Kindle. Having a time finding clipart for covers. I have three stories already to go, but without covers it won't do me any good. My reasoning is simple, if people like it, maybe they will like my longer works.

And as Ash said in Army of Darkness, Yeah, and maybe I'm a Chinese jet pilot. Well on to the reviews.

Some good stuff for you, we start off with flooj9235 and Reaction Followed by Marianne Bennet with The Attempted Taming of the Jedi

But best of the week is a tie with MsFicWriter's AU: KOTOR III: THE PULSE: Pain in my Brain and JediTears09 with I Think I Love You, or Maybe It's Plyridian Fever

Well back to my search...
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The Critic Returns
Posted By machievelli - 05/24/14
Actually running early today. Everyone don't faint. Still dithering about Kindle. Have decided to start with small cheap stories, and go from there, but need to find clipart to match them, So let's just get to it, shall we?

We start with Wakkomonkey9258's downright silly Stop Camping You Noob! followed by Half-elf with When He Saw Her

But best went to BlackBeret for Downtime

So in search of clipart. Signing off...
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The Critic Returns
Posted By machievelli - 05/18/14
Was intending to have my first works up on Kindle by now, but I ran into a snag. I get leery of giving anyone my bank account information, and having Amazon pretty much demanding it was irritating. I am going to stick to snail mail only because the Post Office doesn't ask for ways to rip off my bank account.

We have some good stuff you you this week, and I will tell you now, the fight for best was hard. In fact the only reason I chose a single best was because I didn't want to say they were all best!

We start with Jen DeClan's riotous Sartorial Eloquence followed by Obsidionalis who scored twice with Rise of the Leviathan and The Force is a Burden

But Best went to Skrybble for Redemption

Well, back to editing for Kindle. Signing off...
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The Critic Returns
Posted By machievelli - 05/11/14
I'm a bit depressed this week. I have several books I can post on Kindle, but my biggest problem was that I suddenly had the brilliant idea that I could also repost my late mother's work and get it out there to be enjoyed again.

No such luck. I have two folders marked as hers, but neither has anything in them. The actual floppy discs disappeared almost seven years ago in an acrimonious argument between my daughter and her ex, and I don't even know if they still exist. So now I am going to start posting my own work, and wishing I could do that one thing for my mother's memory.

But enough about me. On to the reviews!

We start with Revan's memories in Blackberet's In Practice then cloner downtime in Eyyowlf's Jorhaa and saving a life in IoanNemos's Honest

But best of the week went to Frank Hunter with An Apprentice in Hand

For those interested, look for my book the Clothes Make The... on Kindle sometime later this week. Signing off...
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