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The Critic Returns, but delayed
Posted By machievelli - 04/20/14
Finally able to see the screen again without reading glasses, though I am still wearing them to avoid strain. Then Thursday morning my computer overheated and shut down. Had to remove the battery to get it to start up, and my entire column was gone!

Gasp, scream, wanting to hide under the bed until the world straightened itself out. But your brilliant Critic fixed it thanks to his prodigious memory!

Yeah, I know what you're all thinking. Not only juvenile, but an over amped Ego as well. So sue me. But I did fix the problem and am only slightly late, not three days late this time. So drum roll please!

We had three picks this week, and the Best and first pick were a hard choice, it could have gone either way. So we start with the 'almost best' by flooj9235 with Restroom Rendezvous followed by the amusing work by FuryanJedi13 Training Session

But with a unique idea and presentation, our best this week is awarded to Misfit93 for The Many Faces of Revan

Well, back to the giant lizard. What they're thinking right now is 'we need some bigger guns'. Signing off...
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The Critic Returns, but delayed
Posted By machievelli - 04/14/14
Medication is here, and my eye is finally improving. I still need my reading glasses to read the screen, but can read a book at work without them now. Have soe good stuff for you this week, but no best of the Week...

We start with Demiser of D with Try Concept
Then Jedidingo with KOTOR Whispers of the Force then Marianne Bennet scores twice with Reaction time and Waiting Thesummerstorms scores with Tonight and finally Grandnester with Executioner's Song

Well back to writing. Have a giant lizard attacking a city. Why does that theme sound familiar?
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The Critic Returns wat late
Posted By machievelli - 04/07/14
I had forgotten the one thing I always hated about health insurance before; the idea that you have to have a primary care doctor, and HE decides which specialist to send you to for care outside his field. So tomorrow I get to do the decapitated chicken routine, going to sign in with Doctor Mengele (My own irritations is showing, isn't it?) before he can send me off to see Doctor Frankenstein.

A bit slow this week, but here they are!

We starte off with Catiel Winree' Relics followed by the silly Fluff bunnies torturing carth from PuddinPandaLover, and the idea that it just means this war is over, and not peace forever with What Ithacas Means' Faith In Their Hands

And this weeks pick from Jazzpha Precipice

Back to the grindstone...
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The Critic Returns, but delayed
Posted By machievelli - 03/29/14
Had a problem with an eye infection last week that still persists. Had to literally set my word processing program and Internet browser to 150% to even see the words. It has gotten a bit better, just wearing reading glasses now, and it's only in the mornings.

I know a lot of you are saying 'why don't you see a doctor?'. Fact is that until Obamacare forced it upon me, I didn't have any medical coverage, and I still don't have a primary care doctor yet. With my financial state, it's been a worry for the last seven years. So I'm treating it with pink eye medicine, and using, as I said, reading glasses.

Enough about me, on to the reviews!

The only pick and considering how it read, the best, is DarthAmmonite with a very interesting view of Revan and the newly created her sharing the same head in On Being a Sith Lord

Well back to real life. Oh, BTW, I have been corresponding with a young Russian woman for the last couple of weeks, and when she gets a work visa in the next week or so, she maybe either visiting, or moving in. More about that later. Signing off...
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The Critic Returns
Posted By machievelli - 03/16/14
Last week got hit with the flu, so my two days off were laying in bed getting way too many hours sleep(Try 13 Monday- Tuesday, then 10 Tuesday to Wed.) which means in two days, I got enough sleep for three days. It also meant I got almost no writing done, and while I feel better, not likely to suffer fools gladly.

So those of you getting ready to sing, Tomorrow, be quiet as I trot out the reviews.

From Coruscant Entertainment Center we start with Chevron 7 Locke's Star Wars: Another Choice

From we have NitWhit7 with The Doashim Chronicles

But best of the week was split between Lerolain's intriguing Unsettled and the ridiculous and amusing demyx-fan-10 with TFUIIDRABBLE

Well, now that I feel better, I have about fifty pages to do. Signing off...
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The Critic Returns
Posted By machievelli - 03/08/14
Another week, another review. Two thing are different this week:

First my major angst of last week proved to be a Chimera, a problem I had created in my own mind. However that caused other problems The other is that since kotofanmedia appears to be permanently defunct, and a lot the the stories are starting to hit were originally read there, from this point on I will repost them to their fanfiction postings.

So the new reviews start... Now!

From Mithostwen we start with The Good News and the Bad News followed by DemonicK's Turning Back
and that first reposted review from ElvisTheCat with Shattered Destiny

Best of the Week was divided by Sou7h with A Voice Heard and Avid Reader403's Memories of a Stranger.

So back to my own work. Signing off...
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The Critic Returns wat late
Posted By machievelli - 03/03/14
Running way late, and don't get me started on why. Let's just say, when Obamacare decides to jack 80 something bucks out of every month I will be on the street, and not even close to being a happy camper. So let's just go on to the reviews.

We start out with Vrook contemplating his last stand withBazylia de Grean's Duty followed with the contemplative A Journal of Exile from AdylinJ

But best went to the one that made me smile and laugh, Kawe N' Wessie's riotous romp with Dream of a Lifetime: A KOTOR Parody

And if someone sings Tomorrow, they're toast...
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The Critic Returns
Posted By machievelli - 02/22/14
If it's not one thing, it's another. The good news is that I filed my income taxes without going through H&R Block, which means instead of paying for a 'free' return, I have that money in my pocket, not theirs.

The bad news is that when I was donating plasma this last week, I had what they call an RBC. That means the centrifuge is pumping the actual blood cells into the plasma, and they can't use it. However they decided (Third draw, so the first two were clean) that the amount meant it was a major event; like the difference between having someone cut you with a piece of paper compared to a razor blade, so I can't give plasma for the next fifty odd days.

If it weren't for the refund, I would be so hosed. But let's get to the reviews!

This week we had only four picks. We start out with Thesummerstorms's The Gamble For Home and Torrent V' Jedi Code

But the other two split best of the week. First we have the first ever Retroactive Pick of the week with Female meatbag's Darth Stitch followed by the riotous continuation of FreeSourceFull's Just Another Crazy Beginning with Don't Worry, Everyone Crashes on Taris

Well, have to split this week trying to write something sell, and not just for fun. Signing off...
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The Critic Returns
Posted By machievelli - 02/15/14
An interesting week; working on several different stories, extra cash thanks to a side job, a lot of fun.

I found the best part of co-authoring. Lord Grise suggested something, and it keyed me to 'boldly go' (Inside joke between us) with his idea, and hey, we may be doing another co-authored work.

Ask Eric Flint if you don't believe me, when it clicks, being a co-author is FUN!

But enough about me. Let's get to the reviews!

We start off with Bradwart and Endings and Reunions followed by Eleima with Stargazer Then Fyrebrande returns with Surprise

But pride of place goes to Unlock.your.heart with A Space Heater?
and Yezalb for The Other Perspective

Well back to the fun! Signing off...
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The Critic Returns
Posted By machievelli - 02/07/14
Getting things done on time for once, my inner plot demons aren't dead, they are just allowing me some slack before they gang up on me again. So everyone benefits at the moment.

I have some good stuff for you this week so without further ado...
We start off with Minion of Sehkmet's Is This Our Farwell followed by Axia West with Gray Harbor Then Cally Starkiller's I Don't Care, then SnoopyFool with Clone Enlistment

Best of the week belongs to Skrybble with Canon

Occasionally, I find someone who's work as a body scores better than Best of the Week. It is rare, try this is I think the fourth time since I started critiquing back in 2005. So I award a First Combined best of the year to Bradwart for the Tales of the Old Republic Story arc comprised in sequence of A Deadly Situation Memories of the Past Diplomacy of a Jedi Fall of a Jedi and The Final Journey

Now back to the other stories I am writing. Signing off...
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The Critic Returns
Posted By machievelli - 02/02/14
Been working on so many things I got tied up, mea culpa. So let's get to it...
We start our week with ChaosAngel4Us' Hello, Beautiful then Unlock.Your.Heart's Solitude

But best of the week went to Shadows Of The Storm with Captured So little time, so much to do. Signing off...
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